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The Pantomime Theater

Annett Ahrends, Henrik Lyding: The Pantomime Theater. Udgivet juli 2008. 1. udgave. 1. oplag. 143 sider. Hæftet. 179 kr. ISBN 978-87-7695-063-7.


The Pantomime Theater in Tivoli has been the home of Pjerrot, Harlequin, Columbine and Cassander since 1844. Four classic comedy figures meet night after night throughout the summer in an age-old, lively theater tradition, where timeless stories of love, magic and complications are related through mime, music and dance.

Come behind the characteristic peacock curtain and get the story of how the pantomime tradition entered Denmark, of the ballets and of the fitting out of the theater. Meet the dancers at their morning practice and experience how the magic of theater comes about through hard work and daily practice. See the old scenery system that was created for the theater in 1874, and the many strange props and pieces of scenery.

This thoroughly illustrated book tells the story of the pantomime tradition in Denmark, the working days of the dancers and the technical machinery, where everything is done manually.