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Anna Ancher: The Pastels

Elisabeth Fabritius: Anna Ancher: The Pastels. Udgivet oktober 2008. 01. udgave. 01. oplag. 100 sider. Hæftet. 249 kr. ISBN 978-87-7695-077-4.

Tilrettelagt af Carl-H.K. Zakrisson, oversat af Walton Glyn Jones.


Anna Ancher (1859-19359 is considered to be one of the finest of Scandinavian pastel artists, a pioneer of the technique which came into fashion again in the 1880s. Her box of French pastel paints has been preserved in the museum Michael and Anna Ancher's House in Skagen.

Anna Ancher's pastels represent a limited but striking part of her art, which has not previously been subject of systematic study or specific publication. Her 25 best works in this genre are presented here.

By virtue of primary research and close collaboration with several conservators of paintings, Elisabeth Fabritius can now document Anna Ancher's technique, methods and preferred colours. This brings us closer than ever before to Anna Ancher's artistic intentions, which are far more clearly expressed in the pastels than in her oil paintings.