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Anne Haslund Hansen : Niebuhr's Museum. Artefacts and Souveniers from the Royal Danish Expedition to Arabia 1761-1767

Niebuhr’s Museum is the first comprehensive presentation of the largely unknown collection of antiquities and ethnographic objects acquired during this important 18th century scientific expedition to the Middle East.

The expedition, a brainchild of the Göttingen professor Johann David Michaelis, aimed at shedding light on the historical and cultural background to the Old Testament. Its scholarly and scientific results were multifaceted and are best known from the publications of the cartographer Carsten Niebuhr (1733–1815), the only survivor of the expedition, which included among others, the Swedish naturalist and pupil of Linnaeus, Peter Forsskål.

The Niebuhr collection, primarily held in the National Museum of Denmark, offers an invaluable resource for the study of 18th century travellers and expeditions to the Middle East. In its investigation of the history and context of each of these intriguing objects, Niebuhr’s Museum presents a new narrative of the ill-fated voyage. Analysis of this collection also illuminates the collecting practices of the period, providing insights into the genesis of the core holdings of many of today’s museums.


Traditional Houses and Bazaars by Hans Munk Hansen

The photographs take the reader on a journey to the Middle East, with a side trip to Yemen, and further on to the Mediterranean’s southern shores, then proceeding as far as West Africa, while the introductory section introduces the reader to the Islamic building tradition, which reveals countless generations of experience with establishing the best possible conditions of life in what are often inhospitable climatic conditions.

Melchior Lorck by Erik Fischer, Ernst Jonas Bencard, Mikael Bøgh Rasmussen

Melchior Lorck (or Lorichs; born in Flensburg in 1526 or 1527, died post 1583) was the first Danish artist of international renown. Trained in the tradition of the German Kleinmeister, Lorck has been called one of the most original artists of sixteenth-century Europe, unique in both his austere style and choice of motifs. The present four volumes represent the first ever full-scale study of the works of Melchior Lorck relating to Turkey. Both the Constantinople Prospect and the Turkish Publication are reproduced and discussed here.

Anna Ancher: The Pastels by Elisabeth Fabritius

Anna Ancher (1859-1935) is considered to be one of the finest of Scandinavian pastel artists, a pioneer of the technique which came into fashion again in the 1880s. Her box of French pastel paints has been preserved in the museum Michael and Anna Ancher's House in Skagen. Anna Ancher's pastels represent a limited but striking part of her art, which has not previously been subject of systematic study or specific publication. Her 25 best works in this genre are presented here.

Being a Queen by Kyungwoo Chun, Louise Wolters, Nathalie B. Shin, Rune Gade

Being a Queen is a photographic and etnological research by korean artist Kyungwoo Chun. Like Denmark, Korea was once a kingdom with a queen. Now he wants to find out how the danes feel about their royal highness, by making people looking like the queen dress up in a blue silk dress and interview them about their thoughts about her. Buy

The Pantomime Theater by Annett Ahrends, Henrik Lyding

The Pantomime Theater in Tivoli has been the home of Pjerrot, Harlequin, Columbine and Cassander since 1844. Four classic comedy figures meet night after night throughout the summer in an age-old, lively theater tradition, where timeless stories of love, magic and complications are related through mime, music and dance. Come behind the characteristic peacock curtain and get the story of how the pantomime tradition entered Denmark, of the ballets and of the fitting out of the theater. Meet the dancers at their morning practice and experience how the magic of theater comes about through hard work and daily practice. See the old scenery system that was created for the theater in 1874, and the many strange props and pieces of scenery. This thoroughly illustrated book tells the story of the pantomime tradition in Denmark, the working days of the dancers and the technical machinery, where everything is done manually.

SOUP - A Temporary Art and Architecture Project in UrbanPlanen by Marie Bruun Yde, Gitte Juul, Kaj Nyborg, Henriette Bretton-Meyer, Carsten Hoff, Line Kjær, and Cai Ulrich von Platen

SOUP - Sun Over UrbanPlanen is an experiment, which took place in the spring of 2008 in and around a run-down, inoperational shopping centre in the social housing development UrbanPlanen - the Urban Plan - in the Copenhagen district of Sundby on the island of Amager. Artists, architects, curators and local inhabitants initiated a fleeting transformation of the run-down Solvang Center into a hybrid house intertwining culture, social activities and commerce. A utopian rediscovery of modernist architecture and its inherent dreams, the project fused the stories of Urbanplanen with its current energy and diversity. This created an image of a revitalised centre with activities based on existing resources. This book documents SOUP as a process. It discusses the challenges and experiences, potentials and dangers that confront cultural urban planning, art in public space, participant-based practices and alternative strategies for urban development.

Arje Griegst by Kerstin Wickman

Arje Griegst is an international household name in Danish Design. His jewellery is sought after by collectors all over the world, and among his prominent customers is the Danish Queen H.M. Margrethe II. Arje Griegst is a goldsmith who thinks like a sculptor. Inspired by the Baroque and the Orient, his free sculptural form is a contrast to rigid modernism. He has won international acclaim for his fairy tale-like jewellery, his famous Tritontableware, his silver cutlery, his glassware of the 1970s, and his late masterpieces: The light sculpture at the banquet hall of the Designmuseum Danmark, and his fountain at the Tivoli Gardens.

Migrant Documents by Tina Enghoff

Mobility is one of the main charachteristics in modern society - the migration era. But mobility has its price. Tina Enghoff documents some of the strategies of undocumented migrants in a bureaucratic scandinavian country. Danish and english paralleltext. Buy

State of Nature. 500 Drawings and One Text by Jørgen Michaelsen

Since the 1990's Artist Jørgen Michaelsen has been experimenting with different forms of expression: text, collage, video, painting, sound etc. His work i based on the contradiction between picture and language relating him to conceptual movements. State of Nature. 500 Drawings and One Text is a collection of drawings made since 2008 and the text On Drawing in which he describes to drawing as a psychogenetic phenomena. KØB